Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts How you can Spot The Real Deal

Using the advent of online auction sites like eBay, there’s a huge number of cheap Ralph Lauren Polo shirts available. They make look like bargains and some truly are. But there are also a growing number of Ralph Lauren Outlet. This informative guide will help you ensure you are snagging a genuine bargain, not a cheap imitation that wont have the same quality or longevity.

It is not only online where you need to be able to tell the genuine article from a poor replica. In markets around the world you will see what seem like the original polo shirt, with lots of imports from China and elsewhere. But don’t be misled into thinking they are ALL fakes; genuine factory outlets and factory stores in Mauritius and beyond sell off old season and seconds at truly bargain prices.

Even when a shirt is beautifully enclosed in poly wrap with tags (known as BNWT brand new with tags), it doesn’t guarantee authenticity. The people who sell the cheaper imitations are clever and to make money. So they do things well.

The first thing to check is the collar label. In a perfect world, you will take a genuine shirt with you to compare. If the stitching about the label is off, the font/type looks blurred or the logo looks sub-standard, chances are it is a fake. Look into the logo and embroidered type position, too. If it is too close to the edge, with not enough space around it, this may also be far from genuine.

When you turn the label or tag over, you should be able to see the sewn threads. When the reverse looks clean and pristine, it is not a real Ralph Lauren. It should have loose threads. Yes, this really is all about detective work, but it is worth the effort. The genuine shirt will last, not shrink or fade, and will also be within the law.

The third main area where people make mistakes is the stitching. Have a look inside the shirt, round the collar, shoulders and sleeves. All stitching on genuine shirts is going to be inside, with nothing showing at all on the outside. The stitches should be regular and neat. Should you spot uneven, unstraight stitches or threads coming loose, you could be onto a fake.


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